Philosophical Sessions

Philosophical Sessions

Philosophical Sessions

“OntoIdea” offers philosophical activities for teams, companies and organizations in the form of philosophical sessions, philosophical and research clubs, philosophical evenings.

The sessions are a Time-and-Space for doing philosophy, for philosophical dialogues, discussions and debates.

The aim of the sessions is for a philosophizing community to come into being, grow and become intellectually fruitful. Philosophy and philosophizing are taken as an existentia of togetherness with Others (persons or AI entities) that lives through open and creative exploration, investigation, improvisation of meanings and ideas.

To discover the creative and metaphysical roles that every person plays all through their life, paradoxically said, is both the leading idea and the natural result of the “Philosophical Sessions”. The sessions affect the inter-personal communication and improve team work. For all of this to happen we make sure that everyone is personally involved into the sessions as a creator of meanings and ideas, and with their session-mates as well.

The “Philosophical Sessions” take place once/twice a month. A session usually lasts around 60 minutes (+/- 15 minutes). Only one topic is supposed to be discussed at each session. This very topic is meant to be proposed by a sessioner (participant) who is helped by an OntoIdealist in clarifying the philosophical nature of the topic and the way it would be presented (it usually happens two weeks in advance of the date of the certain session).

The working languages in which the “Philosophical Sessions” flow are Bulgarian and/or English (despite that some Latin, Ancient Greek, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Ancient Slavonic and German can drop in accidentally). The group performs best when 8 to 12 persons are thinking together. The sessions can also be held online – however, with up to 8 participants.

The participants in the sessions are expected to:
  • get in the mood for an intellectual experience;
  • take part in discussions, debates and disputes with each other;
  • use any thesis and any argument they consider meaningful;
  • create, invent, discover, fantasize, improvise new meanings and ideas.
The structure of the sessions is as follows:
  • the topic is presented within 7-10, telling the controversial and surprising moments in its interpretation;
  • participants have the opportunity to further add to the narrative of the presentation;
  • the story is a starting point for raising questions about the topic;
  • moving on to the discussion of the topic through different forms of group work;
  • the sessions are usually open-ended, feedback is given on what was achieved and philosophized.
The “Philosophical Sessions” are not intended to:
  • deliver lectures on any issues;
  • replace authentic thinking by complex academic terms;
  • reach a single conclusion to be accepted by all participants;
  • give prescriptions for dealing with problems and situations.

These and other details will be discussed and agreed upon at our first meeting.