Philosophy With Children

In Philosophy with Children, a group work environment is created in which meaning is being made and exchanged. Philosophy is understood as philosophizing, and philosophizing as a free reflection of each and every reality, as well as the ways and procedures through which we create meanings and develop relationships as humans. In this way, Philosophy with Children helps the child’s overall development as a person.
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Philosophical Counseling

Philosophical Counseling is a service in which a person receives professional help with taking (and how to take) a decision, clarifying what to do, or how to approach a particular problem that they themselves have already attempted to solve or deal with.
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Philosophical ontology is to deal not only with the deepest foundations of the being but primarily with the being itself. Ontologizations result into new knowledge and understanding which provide outstanding possibilities for creative thinking.
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Trainings and courses we offer for students, teachers, companies and teams.
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“OntoIdea” EOOD is a company founded in 2008 with activity involving the creation, development and distribution of philosophical investigations and ideas; scientific research in the field of the humanitarian and natural sciences; training and development of educational programmes.

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Tsvetelina Kalacheva
Specialist "Philosophy With Children"
Daniel Aleksandrov
Specialist "Philosophy With Children"
Kamen Kirov
Specialist "Philosophy With Children"
Ines Raicheva
Specialist "Philosophy With Children"
Greta Gicheva
Student in Philosophy, Sofia University

Engaging in philosophy with children isn't a set up or something prepared, it's rather spontaneous and free. Children are very active - they want to know, to tell, to ask, to show. They wonder, admire and question. That collective set of activities needs guidance towards a direction of something meaningful, fun, beautiful or just virtually good. Philosophy with children is just like a small explorer's community. Every child, via their experience, has the opportunity to unfold truth and meaning.

Tsena Stoeva, Ph.D.
Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy at the Sofia University
Veselin Dafov, Ph.D.​
Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at the Sofia University
Friends, collaborators and volunteers
  • Ivan Kirkov, teacher of philosophy
  • Sonya Ivanova, author of the logo “Philosophy with children”
  • Yunuz M. Yunuzweb consultant