We offer philosophical ontologizations for objects (processes, products, phenomena, cases, events, artifacts) defined by our customers. The results of the ontological research are presented in a paper with the following basic elements:

I. A complete list of characteristics and properties of the explored reality.

End product at customer`s disposal — all characteristics and properties are enumerated in a list, along with an argumentation and demonstration of the achieved results.

II. Establishing the available concept (notion, understanding, definition) which grasps the essence of the investigated reality

End product at customer’s disposal – a document which consists of the following information concerning the investigated reality:

  1. definitions;
  2. genus and species;
  3. distinguishing characteristics: specific difference; proper mark;
  4. concomitant features;
  5. history and development of the concept.
III. Clarifying the relations and interactions of the investigated reality with other entities.

End product at customer’s disposal – analysis of:

  1. hierarchies and orders which include the investigated reality;
  2. relations and connections of its genus and species;
  3. essential and inessential relations;
  4. conditions and reasons for the existence of the investigated reality.
IV. Understanding the possible creative and innovative development of the explored reality, as well as of the related activity, production, usage, applicability, construction, creation

End product at customer’s disposal – a list of:

  1. possible but not yet utilized manifestations of the investigated reality;
  2. discovered tendencies for innovations;
  3. ideas for a creative research.