What is “Philosophical Counseling”?

What is “Philosophical Counseling”?

What is Philosophical Counseling

Which are the most common questions and cases with which people come to Philosophical Counseling? The variety of people turning to Philosophical Counseling is great. Even greater is the variety of role through which people approach the problems in their everyday life – the role of a parent, a son/daughter, a professional, a friend, a husband/wife, an entrepreneur, a citizen, an employee, an employer, a person in love, a happy or unhappy person, one seeking change, one wanting composure, and so on. The different roles usually determine the type of questions and cases where professional help is needed for a responsible and caring reflection of the personal relation to the problem. The following are some forms of the most common questions of people that have turned to Philosophical Counseling:
  • Would it be better to…?
  • What should I do when…?
  • Is it true that…?
  • How is such a thing possible?
  • Is it possible to…?
  • Am I right to…?
  • What is the reason behind…?
  • Why is it like this…?
  • What is… death, jealousy, mannerliness, divorce, break up, betrayal, friendship…?
  • What and how to tell someone…?
  • How can I explain to… what is…?
  • How can I explain to… why…?
  • What views and values…?
  • Is there a right or wrong…?